Frankincense Friends of Salalah

Enfleurage Middle East is now located in Muscat, in the north of Oman. While we welcome visitors to our distillery, we also encourage you to visit Salalah, where the trees grow, and this page will list Omanis who work with frankincense. Please understand that this page is for your information, to enhance your experience in Dhofar, to gain a fuller understanding of the people who come from the same land as the magnificent Boswellia sacra trees, and to provide an online presence for locals who love luban. We provide contact info only, and cannot presume to explain anyone’s business, or recommend anyone above another. These are not paid advertisers—it’s a list of Omanis who work with frankincense in Dhofar.

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Ali Almashikhi

Ali is distilling very small batches of local gum with his own homemade equipment. He can also show you some frankincense; trees, resins, and other interesting local sights.

+968 9596 2426

Instagram @dhofar_frankincense_oil

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Lubaniah is an organic-based Frankincense company. With its unique natural recipes and creative combination of products, Lubaniah brings you the finest quality of frankincense soaps, moisturizers, masks, and other skin and hair products that are gloriously combined with essential organic ingredients. Lubaniah's values: eco-friendly, plant-based, high quality, and effectiveness. 

Instagram: Lubaniah

Twitter: Lubaniah


Phone/WhatsApp: +968 91133533

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