My first visit to Oman, in 2006, was long desired. Since I was a child I had been fascinated and drawn to these mysterious names I'd seen on the map: Sultanate, Muscat, Salalah. I had traveled several times to neighboring Yemen; I loved their aromatics. And I was traveling a lot to other places, to visit our suppliers for Enfleurage, to see their facilities, and admire the plants in their living glory.

We do a slow hydro-distillation in copper, by hand.

At Enfleurage, we try to always have the clearest, cleanest, brightest, most sparkling and vibrant essential oils on the planet. That means sourcing our oils from the happiest plants and best extractors, wherever they are in the world. Each plant is different, and their happiest and most harmonious places are correspondingly different as well. We are Omani frankincense enthusiasts. Boswellia sacra is all we do. I can’t say sacra is the “best” because all the frankincenses are strong and great in their own ways. But sacra has long been recognized as the most beautiful, complex and refined frankincense, both gum and essential oil.

We offer kilos of our freshly distilled frankincense essential oil directly from our Muscat distillery.

Local orders for Oman and UAE are available for pick-up in Muscat or will ship by bus.

 We can now also ship worldwide using DHL. 

Please note that frankincense essential oil has a low flashpoint and therefore must be shipped as Dangerous Goods when shipped by air—this is not something we can bypass or negotiate. It’s an IATA rule and applies worldwide.

If you are in the USA or Canada we can ship by ground from our New York headquarters.

If you would like to place an order for a kilo or more, please write to or

5ml, 10ml and 30 ml sizes are available on our American website We also have 10 ml bottles available locally in Muscat at the following locations:

Enfleurage Middle East, Shatti al Qurum

Bait Munza Gallery Old Muscat

Six Senses Spa at Al Bustan/Ritz Carlton


So many companies who deal with frankincense are cloaked in secrecy. I always wonder how can you trust a company to provide the best essential oil if they won’t even tell you who owns the company or where they are located? I’m proud of our story and proud of our frankincense essential oil. We are located in Muscat, Oman. Our frankincense is sourced legally, from Dhofar. We add nothing to our distillation, and our oil is pure and beautiful. We can supply professional quantities regularly. And we welcome visitors to the distillery. Please visit our contact page