My first visit to Oman, in 2006, was a long desired trip. Since I was a child I had been fascinated and drawn to these mysterious names I'd seen on the map: Sultanate, Muscat, Salalah. I had traveled several times to neighboring Yemen; I loved their aromatics. And I was traveling a lot to other places, to visit our suppliers for Enfleurage, to see their facilities, and admire the plants in their living glory.

Right after my first visit, our Omani supplier stopped distilling. For almost 2 years we had no Omani frankincense oil in the New York store. In 2008 I started extracting oil with one alembic, in a friend’s kitchen in Salalah. In 2011, Enfleurage Middle East was formed and we increased our capacity to 5 alembics. Enfleurage Middle East is an Omani company, wholly owned by Enfleurage.


In 2017 we moved the distillery to Muscat and doubled our capacity, which still remains fairly small. Our current capacity is about 40 kilos a month.

We distill using handmade Portuguese copper alembics and do a slow, hydro-distillation. This means the plant material sits in the water, as opposed to above it, as  it does in steam distillation.
Our system is very low-tech. It’s gravity fed; the only electrical part is the pump which pumps from one water tank to the other. Nothing else is automatic and nothing at all is computerized. It’s a very precise and highly laborious traditional distillation system,  carefully and continuously monitored, all by human hand and eye.


At Enfleurage, we try to always have the clearest, cleanest, brightest, most sparkling and vibrant essential oils on the planet. That means sourcing our oils from the happiest plants and best extractors, wherever they are in the world. Each plant is different, and their happiest and most harmonious places are correspondingly different as well. We are Omani frankincense enthusiasts. Boswellia sacra is all we do. I can’t say sacra is the “best” because all the frankincenses are strong and great in their own ways. But sacra has long been recognized as the most beautiful, complex and refined frankincense, both gum and essential oil.

Our frankincense essential oil can be found in 5, 10 and 30 ml sizes on our website, If you are interested in purchasing a kilo or more, please write to for details, or fill out our contact form. We send most of our production to New York, and ship worldwide from there, except for Omani orders.