Enfleurage New York

Our Flagship boutique, in New York’s Greenwich Village, offers World-wide e-commerce for our entire product line. Frankincense kilos can be shipped to continental North America using UPS ground, or by air worldwide with under DG specifications. https://www.enfleurage.com

Enfleurage Middle East Muscat, Oman

We offer fresh kilos of essential oil and a growing assortment of other, mostly frankincense based, products. We can only accept cash, or Bank Muscat transfer. Available for pick up in Muscat or via bus to Salalah or Dubai

Bait Muzna Art Gallery Old Muscat

Six Senses Spa Al Bustan Palace

10 ml sizes of our Frankincense essential oil only

10 ml sizes of our Frankincense essential oil and roll on blends from Enfleurage New York