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At Enfleurage, we try to always have the clearest, cleanest, brightest, most sparkling and vibrant essential oils on the planet. That means sourcing our oils from the happiest plants an d best extractors, wherever and whoever they are. Each plant is different, and their happiest and most harmonious places are correspondingly different as well. We are Omani frankincense enthusiasts. Boswellia sacra is all we do.


I can’t say sacra is the “best” because all the frankincenses are strong and great in their own ways. But sacra has long been recognized as the most beautiful, complex and refined smelling frankincense, both gum and essential oil.

The terroir has everything to do with how the trees live, what they ingest, and when and how they give gum.

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Frankincense trees will grow in Northern Oman, but they are from Dhofar Governorate in the south and they flourish there.

Even in Dhofar the trees don’t grow everywhere, but they can be found from the sea to the nejd and from the Mountains of the Moon north and east along the Shuweymia road, and inland from there. The areas are all different, and the trees sport geographical, or terroir based personalities.

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In some areas on the road past Mugsayl you find stout and strong trees like old ladies, or slender, flowing ones. On the Hasik road the trees are small grey medusas swiveling out of the rocks. In the UNESCO protected nejd, the trees are huge and strong, weaned on the impossible Arabian sun and continuous winds of the pre-desert.


In some areas near Raysut, one can find very tall trees indeed, while further up in the mountains, the tiny trees are sometimes perched like hermits alone on a hillside.


Fat and happy after a rain.


Jebel Samhan Nature Preserve is where much of the beautiful white and howjary come from. It’s huge and bristling with trees.

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During the summer months, Dhofar enjoys the Indian monsoon.